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95 pbk ISBN 0 7167 1829 4 Vicki Hearne, Bandit: Dossier of a Dangerous Dog Harper, 1991 $11. 00 pbk ISBN 0 06 019005 1 Vicki Hearne, Animal Happiness HarperPerennial, 1995 $12. 00 pbk ISBN 0 06 092606 6 James Herriot, Dog Stories St. Martin's Press, 1986 $5. 99 pbk ISBN 0 312 92558 1 William R. Koehler, The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training Howell Book House, 1962 and 1967 $24. 95 ISBN 0876055528 R. M. Koster, Carmichael's Dog Norton, 1992 ISBN 0393033910 Michele Lowell, Your Purebred Puppy: A Buyer's Guide H. Holt and Co. , 1991 $10.

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He advises screening for VWD and hip dysplasia and checking family background for Wobblers, cardiomyopathy and hypothyroidism. At the present time the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals OFA maintains a registry for hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism providing valuable information on . As reliable tests for other diseases are developed they will be added to the registry. Dr. McLaughlin also emphasises that .

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